Rental Assistance Demonstration

HUD Rental Assistance Demonstration

Cornerstone’s work in this area is intended to assist public housing authorities (PHAs) as they prepare to apply for conversion of assistance under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD).

Cornerstone is helping PHAs assess which of their properties might prove to be viable candidates for conversion of assistance under RAD.  RAD is the central part of HUD’s new rental housing preservation strategy in order to preserve the nation's stock of deeply affordable rental housing and promote efficiency within and among HUD programs.

For a complimentary consultation for your public housing authority, please contact Carol Oster at 585-424-1400 or

Rental Assistance Demonstration – Final Implementation

Our RAD Experience

Rochester’s Cornerstone Group, Ltd. worked with the following housing authorities to submit an application for RAD in December 2013.

  • Batavia Housing Authority, Batavia, New York
  • Lackawanna Municipal Housing Authority, Lackawanna, New York
  • Kiryas Joel Housing Authority, Monroe, New York

Click Here to read recommendation letter from the Batavia Housing Authority.

Completed Projects with Housing Authorities:

Olean/Kennedy Housing Revitalization, Rochester, New York