Rochester's Cornerstone Group LTD Stadium Estates Receives Printers

Women holding rakes and brooms and photo of Stadium Estates in Rochester, NY.Rochester’s Cornerstone Group, Cornerstone Property Managers, and Charles Settlement House recognized a need in the community of 91 affordable homes serving low-income families scattered throughout the JOSANA neighborhood of Rochester, Stadium Estates I & II. Families lacked the ability to print schoolwork for students or grant applications for funding opportunities to assist families during the Pandemic. The developer, management company, and owner collaborated to provide each household with a new wireless printer, color and black ink, and reams of paper. “The families were so appreciative,” said Beth Gladstone, Property Manager. “With schools and libraries closed during the Pandemic, and no printers in the home, parents could use school-issued laptops to find funding assistance programs, but they became frustrated when they were unable to print required documents.”

With warm weather approaching, families were spending more time outdoors, wishing to beautify their space, so brooms and rakes were also donated to each family.

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